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Kwame J. Granderson has a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio and is a seasoned wealth-building consultant who has helped thousands of “ordinary” citizens achieve financial security. He regularly conducts free informational seminars throughout Southern California, and has established a strong presence in the real estate community for his safe, yet effective, real estate investment strategies focused on the single family housing market.
With a mission to help educate consumers on the important elements of real estate transactions, Mr. Granderson recently created the Real Estate Smart Guides: Homebuyer Series. Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, the Real Estate Smart Guides: Homebuyer Series was designed to clearly explain everything from qualifying for a loan to structuring the right insurance policy. This series will help people become comfortable with real estate terms, explain mortgage options, and make them aware of many of the pitfalls homeowners face when signing documents that they don’t understand.
Mr. Granderson has dedicated his life to vision, innovation and hard work –a consistency which is evidenced by his educational achievements. In addition to completing Harvard Law School with honors, Mr. Granderson earned his undergraduate degree from UCLA with a degree in English and graduated with top honors. He also attended Harvard Business School and the John F. Kennedy School of Government. Mr. Granderson is a member of the California State Bar and is licensed by The State of California Department of Real Estate and The Florida Department of real estate.

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